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Coursera is an online educational project founded by Stanford University professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The project provides free online access to courses of the best educational institutions in the world. Most courses are currently available only in English. We invite you to volunteer and translate them into Russian. This is a not for profit crowdsourcing project, developed and supported by ABBYY LS. The platform is based on SmartCAT technology and enables volunteers to collaborate on translation online. Anyone who speaks English and Russian can join!

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We plan to involve several thousand people in the project by the end of 2014, and to translate more than 20 courses.
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SmartCAT has developed a cloud-based platform that facilitates the online crowdsourcing translation of subtitles to educational courses. The platform is based on patent-pending SmartCAT technology and enables volunteers to collaborate on translation online, using best-of-the-breed technologies for translation automation (e.g. machine translation, terminology management, etc.).

Translation automation platform – SmartCAT.ai:

What it means for professionals

A comprehensive solution for fast, quality translation
  1. Translation Memory, Machine Translation, automated quality checks
  2. Built-in OCR for scans and PDF
  3. Allows several users to work on the same project simultaneously

How it works in our project:

Core translation environment with quick and easy access to terminology and machine translation. With it, we can reuse translations of repeated fragments (e.g., standard phrases commonly used by a lecturer). Saves time and keeps translation consistent.
Terminology management – Lingvo.Pro:

What it means for professionals

Consistent terminology
  1. Cloud-based service, works from a browser
  2. Attention to context and examples of term usage
  3. Centralized management of translation memories and termbases
  4. Morphological search and filtering

How it works in our project:

Highlights termbase matches in the text being translated. Term translations are inserted with ‘hot keys’.
Integration of translation services - Translation API:

What it means for professionals:

Linking information systems to a computer-aided translation system
  1. Translation projects can be launched in one click from content management and site management systems with a single click
  2. Dynamic localization of software and mobile applications

How it works in our project:

Integrates basic components of our translation platform and content repository at Coursera.org. When new courses are detected they are uploaded to the platform and opened for translation. Completed translations are automatically published at Coursera.org.

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